I am available to book to record drums on your next project. My personal studio is set up with an array of top-shelf microphones, outboard gear, vintage and new drums in a great sounding live tracking room.

How does it work? Contact me and we will discuss the process as each situation is unique. Generally, you can email/Dropbox me files, send a physical hard drive or visit my space in person. I will then send you back the session files for your approval. 

I love to collaborate and consider my versatility to be my greatest strength. I am equally comfortable playing groove-based music as I am playing textural and dynamic singer-songwriter or instrumental music.

From my time studying jazz and world music at CalArts to the many years spent with bands in the studio and the road, I have accumulated a wealth of experience in many genres. Good feeling grooves played with sensitivity is my trademark. I look forward to being of service to you and your music.